Psychological Associates
of Southern Delaware

Psychological Associates of Southern Delaware 

 We are a diversified group of therapists and psychologists offering a wide variety of mental health and behavioral services. The business has been in operation for13 years, but has recently expanded its’ services and hours of operation in order to better serve the community. We are now able to offer;


·        Mental health and behavioral counseling for children and adolescents


·        Parent training for behavioral problem children


·        Behavior modification for special needs children


·        Psychological/Neuropsychological and Educational evaluations


·        Counseling for teens


·        Family therapy


·        Mental health counseling for Adults


·        Diagnosis and treatment of adult and childhood disorders (including ADHD, Anxiety and Depressive            Disorders)


·        Psychological evaluations 


·        Psychoeducational evaluations


·        Neurospychological evaluations


·        Neuroeducational evaluations